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LuangPu Boon Wat Klangbangkaew

LuangPu Boon Wat Klangbangkaew

LuangPu Boon: Wat Klang Bang Kaew, Nakorn Pathom Province.

LuangPu Boon is regards as one of the top-ten gurus in Thailand. He was born on the 3rd Monday, July in B.E.2391 (A.D. 1848) at dawn at Baan Tahmai Krathoomban, Samutsakorn province, Central of Thailand in the reign of King RAMA III and, died on 8th April B.E. 2478 in the reign of King RAMA VIII, total age was 87 years. When he was an infant, he was seriously ill to the extent of stop breathing. His relatives thought that he was dead and was almost wanted to bury him, but miraculously he recovered and later was named “Boon” (meaning wholesomeness/merit) by his parents.

LuangPu Boon was ordained as a novice at the age of 13. He began to study and practice incantation from Palad Thong of Wat Khong Karam and Palad Parn of Wat Tuk Ta. He later successfully completed the subject "Maha Jindamanee Mantra Kom". LP Boon, who has enormous knowledge on BuddhaKom, was one of the greatest pre-war Guru monks of the country. He was a close friend of many contemporarily famous Guru monks e.g. LP Nak of Wat HuaiJorake, ChaoKhun Vinai Kitkosol and ChaoKhun Phrom of Wat Gallaya, LP Taab Wat Thong, Even the Supreme Patriarch Pear (Sangkarat Pear Wat Suthat) who was a close friend of LuangPu Boon had often learn about incantation from LuangPu Boon at Wat KlangBangKaew, Nakonpathom

Famous ChaoKhun Sri (Sondh) had first learned with LP Boon and later left for Wat Suthat and became the Supreme Patriarch's right hand and closest disciple. For LP Chaem of Wat Takong, a greatest and most famous Guru monk of NakonPathom and the teacher of LP Tae Kongthong was also a disciple of LuangPu Boon.

The Phra Pathom Chedi of Nakorn Pathom province was a huge Pagoda built since B.E 234 which housed the holy relics of the Buddha. In the olden days, it was a common practice to elect a number of famous monks to protect the relics from evil forces. LuangPu Boon was one of elected monks to provide protection in West direction.

LuangPu Boon had created a number of amulets during his lifetime He made many ten moulds of amulets with different materials, such as herbal, baked clay, bronze, silver, copper, lead/tin and ivory, etc. LuangPu Boon also made very efficacious wood-carving NangKwak and some few Guman Thong. All of his amulets have long year experiences of great efficacies. All of LuangPu Boon’s amulets carry comprehensive properties of Metta, Klaew Klaad, free from all harm, longevity of life, good fate and fortune, etc.

Moulds and content textures of LuangPu Boon's amulets

(Please be noted that there were various moulds and contents which made by LuangPu Boon. Moulds and contents shown in this article are just only the partial from all)

1. Baked sacred clay: there are many moulds made from baked clay e.g. Sean-Loan-Sadung-Klub and Nang-Sadung-Klub which have special features in the forms of their mould design is opposite to that of the attitude of sub duing Mara (Mara Vichaya). LuangPu Boon used many broken pieces of Phra PhongSuphan as a mixture of the soil material and LuangPu Boon making potent by magic incantation in reverse order starting from the end to the beginning. It was believe that these amulets possess special spiritual effects of turning misfortune into good luck.


ROW1:  Phra Nang SaDungKlab
              Phra Nang Samadhi Yai

              Phra Somdej HokChan Yai  
              Phra Samadhi KhaToh
ROW2:  Phra Nang Samadhi Lek
              Phra SienLoanSaDungKlab 
              Phra SoomChinnaraj
              Phra Soom RakangLek
ROW3:  Phra LeeLaNangTalung
              Phra LeeLaKlabDaan 

              Phra Pidta HooKraTai 
              Phra Soom RueanKaew 
ROW4:  Phra ThanHokChan
              Phra Soom Rassamee 
              Phra HarLieam 
              Phra Kleeb-bua
ROW5:  Phra ProkPohLek

              Phra ProkPohYai
              Phra Pim Narayana 

              Phra PerdLok 
ROW6:  Phra NakProkYai

              Phra NakProkLek 
              Phra Samadhi ThanBua, HooBaiSri 
              Phra Samadhi ThanBud SamChan 
ROW7:  Phra SamadhiPetch SoomKhong 
              Phra SamadhiPetch SoomLaiemYai 
              Phra Upakut 
             Phra SoomBaiBodhi 

ROW8:  Phra SamadhiPetch SoomLaiemKlang 
              Phra SamadhiPetch SoomLaiemLek 
              Phra NangSamadhi Lang PhraPidta 
              Phra Pidta SoomLieam 
ROW9: Phra Mara Vichaya SoomRattanatri 
             Phra Somdej PhraPraThan 
             Phra Pidta TooktaLek 

2. Herbs Medicine: almost moulds are the same as to amulets which made from sacred clay.

ROW1:  Phra SieanLoanSaDungKlab
             Phra NangSamadhiLek 
ROW2: Phra ProkLek
             Phra NakProkLek
ROW3: Phra MaraVichaya SoomRattanatri 
             Phra SoomRassamee 
ROW4: Phra SamadhiPetch SoomKhong 
             Phra SamdhiPetch SoomKhong SongNah 
ROW5: Phra Samadhi SoomLaiemYai (Sacred Powder) 
             Phra Samadhi SoomLaiemYai SongNah
ROW6: Phra Samadhi SoomLieamKlang 
             Phra SamadhiPetch SoomLaiemKlang SongNah 
ROW7: Phra Samadhi SoomLieamLek
             Phra SamadhiPetch SoomLaiemLek SongNah 
ROW8: Phra Pidta SongNah 
             Phra HanumanChanLoy

3. PhongYaJinDaMaNee: these Phong Ya Jindamanee powder was very difficult to make and had to undergo incantation performed by Luang Pu Boon. The special effect of Jindamanee powder had to do with the effective healing of patients with various illnesses and diseases. It was well known among the villagers of Nakorn Pathom that the patients recovered miraculously after they were treated with Jindamanee powder. There were many amulet moulds made from Phong Ya Jindamanee powder such as Phra Somdej, Phra Pidta, Sean-Loan-Sadung klub, Nang-Sadung-Klab, Leela Nang-Talung, Soom-Rakang, Soom-Khong, Soom-Laiem , Soom Ratanatrai, Soom-Rasamee, etc.


ROW1:  Phra LeeLaSoomKheed 
              Phra LeeLaKlubDaan 
              Phra SoomRueanKaew 
              Phra Samdhi SoomKhong 
ROW2:  Phra SoomRaKang 
              Phra NakProkLek 
              Phra Samadhipetch SoomLieamYai 
              Phra Samadhipetch SoomLieamKlang 
ROW3:  Phra SieanLoanSaDungKlub 
              Phra Somdej Phra Prathan 
              Phra Samadhipetch SoomLieamLek 
              Phra Mara Vichaya SoomRattanatrai 
ROW4:  Phra SomdejHokChan 
              Phra NangSamadhiLek 
              Phra HarLieam ThanHokChan 
              Phra SamadhiKesLieam 
ROW5:  Phra SomdejRassamee 
              Phra SoomChinnaraj 
              Phra Pidta HookraTai 
              Phra Pidta MahaUd 
ROW6:  Phra ProkPohYai 
              Phra ProkPohLek 
              Phra Pidta SoomLieam 
              Phra PidtaLomLuk 

4. Coin and Metal alloy: Riean Chao Sua (ChaoSua Coin) - it was made since B.E.2478 and it is the most expensive of LuangPu Boon's amulets and can be considered to be one of the top five of molded coin in Thailand. The Rian Chao Sua were made of Ngern (silver), Thong Lueang (Brass) and Thong Daeng (copper) material.

Besides, there was Phra Chaiwat which made of metal alloy mixed brass. Content textures were high concentration of brass and slightly seen in green. Some have Red Lacquer (cinnabar) covering surface, this made color in red orange. Some have Horadan (realgar) covering the surface, this made color in yellow. Some struck on gold leaf, some not. There are 5 moulds:

1.  Pim Chalude: the Buddha image is higher and taller than other moulds.

2. Pim Tor: the Buddha image is quite short and in the attitude of meditation sitting on single tier of lotus base, Sangkhati (the outer robe of Buddhist monk) is clearly seen.

3. Pim Pom Yai: the Buddha image is in the attitude of meditation sitting on 2 tiers of lotus base.

4. Pim Pom Lek or Pim Kor Nohk: Same as Pim Pom Yai but smaller.

5. Pim Yai: The size is bigger than other moulds but seldom seen.

ROW1:  Phra ChoaSua Nua Ngern- Silver 
              Phra ChoaSua Nua ThongDaeng (Copper) 
ROW2:  Phra ChoaSua Nua ThongLueang (Brass) 
              Riean SoomRaKang 
ROW3:  Phra Chaiwat Pim Ror Sor 118 
              Phra Chaiwat Pim Chalude 
ROW4:  Phra Chaiwat Pim Tor 
              Phra Chaiwat Pim KorNork 
ROW5:  Phra Chaiwat Pim PomYai 
              Phra Chaiwat Pim PomLek KesLieam 
ROW6:  Phra Chaiwat Pim PomLek 
5. Talismans and memorandum coin: The famous talisman is Biagae (Magical sea shell) which can ward off evil spirits and protect its owners from black magics. The wearer believes that he will be protected against black magic, bad luck, evil forces, demon, etc. Besides, Nang Kwak, Kheaw Sua (tiger teeth), Nak Prok were also popular among collectors.

ROW1:  Funeral Memorandum Coin 
             Phra Buddha Chinnaraj Coin 
ROW2: Phra Puuthabatr Memorandum Coin 
             Prakham (rosary) 
ROW3: BiaGae 
             Singh - Sua (Lion-Tiger) 
ROW4: Cloth Talisman 
             Cloth Talisman 

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