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Phra LuangPu Thuad Wat ChangHai B.E. 2508

Phra LuangPu Thuad Wat ChangHai B.E. 2508

LuangPu Thuad Wat ChangHai B.E. 2508 was created by Phra Kru Wisaisophon. The popular moulds are as follow:

1. Phra Luang PhuThuad Roon BuaRoab (Konlaicent) means image Buddha mini casting statue sitting on lotus base with signature under platform or called “Konlaicent” in Thai. The collectors interested in this mould since there was first time to create “Phra Kring” (Lord Bell) which means metal Buddha image with bell inside the base. There would be sound of bell when shaking the amulet. Content texture is high composition of copper and lead.

Under platform, there would have coding of Thai letter in 3 rows

First Row: Signature of Phra Arjarn Tim “วิสัยโสภณ.

Second Row: Luang Phor Thuad “หลวงพ่อทวด”

Third Row: Wat ChangHai “วัดช้างไห้.

2. LuangPhu Thuad Roon LueanSaMaNaSak medal image means memorandum for getting a promotion to higher priest’s rank. The special characteristic of this medal is horizontal line through mouth from left to right side. There are 4 contents as follows:

- Gold
- Silver
- Copper
- Alpaca (Copper+Nickel+Zinc)

There are 2 cutting edge patterns that are rough and fine.

1. Rough cutting edges were used for gold, silver, copper metal.

2. Fine cutting edges were used for Alpaca metal.

        Rough Cutting Edge             Fine Cutting Edge


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