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Luang Phor Parn, Wat BangNomKho

Luang Phor Parn, Wat BangNomKho

Luang Phor Parn was born on July 16, 1875, corresponding to King Chulalongkorn Rama V with 7 siblings. His mother called him "Pan" because a red birthmark on the little finger of the left hand side. He was born in Moo 5, Bang Nom Kho Sub-District, Sena District, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province.

He ordained at the age of 21 years, on April 1, 1895 (B.E.2458) with Lungphor Por Sun Wat Bangplamor, as preceptor. Phra Arjarn Joy Wat Ban Pan as a lecture, Phra Arjarn Aun Wat Suthaphot was Chaplain. He was nominated as "Sonanto"

Later, he had studied and practiced BuddhaDharma with Luang Por Sun and then, he traveled to study Phra Pariyatidhamma at Wat Saket, Bangkok, and studied Khmer Script and Yantra characters with Phra Arjarn Jeen at Wat ChaoJed in Ayutthaya. He had learnt traditional medicine from Wat Sangvej. In addition, he studied with Luang Phor Niam, Wat Noi and Luang Phor Hnoeng Inthasuwano, former abbot of Wat Khlong Madan, and studied how to create clay amulets from “Chi Ba Khaw”. He studied the incantation of amulets and diamond armor talisman (Yant Grao Petch) from Ajarn Jang Sawankalok, master of Yant and Buddha magic, received the incantation of Khata PajjekaBodhi (Rich Khata) from Kru Phueng, the lay Practioner.

His daily routine after the daily last meal at 11 am., he helped the villagers treat their sickness and free them from the spell. Luang Phor Parn would use holy water and herbs mixed with Pali scriptures and meditation power to help the villages. All the people who went to him would have their problem or illnesses solved at the end.
Luang Phor Pan Sonanto passed away at the age of 63 on July 26, 1938 (B.E.2481), corresponding to the reign of His Majesty King Ananda Mahidol King Rama VIII, ordained 42 years old, leaving only a valuable heritage such as clay amulet, Diamond Armor Talisman, various types of cloth talisman and Rich Khata

Amulets of Luang Phor Parn, Wat Bang Nom Kho, Bang Nom Kho Sub district, Sena District, Ayutthaya Province. His popular amulets are well-known until the present day.

Luang Phor Parn received the secrets of creating Clay magical Amulets. In the form of a set of six different images. His famous amulets have marked long-time uncountable records in wading off danger of all kind. Luang Phor Parn’s amulets are extremely unique with Buddha sitting on a Garuda, Hanuman, Porcupine, Fish, Fighter cock and Bird.

The 6 images of God-animal amulets are rare holy items with different Buddha grace and always stated about magical power of amulets that "birds farming, wealthy chickens, porcupine trekking, fish trading, Garuda powerful and successful Hanuman.
Bird farming refers to a good in the way of facilitating the success of agriculture, farming, which must be deceived by those who have a career in the cultivation of crops.

Wealthy cock refers to leading in the way of mercy and fortune, facilitating the success of the career that must always be in contact with people. It helps to boost up wealth fetching power.

Porcupine trekking means good fortune in the way of protection and prevention from the beast and forest mystery. It is suitable for person who mingles with the jungle.

Trading fish means good luck in trading or career related to water.

Garuda power represents the supreme leadership power and prestige. It helps to boosts leadership, reunification and official luck. Suitable for boss management, civil servants, police soldiers and company decision makers.

Successful Hanuman refers to the way of facilitating the success including professional people in government service as well as general contractors. It helps to get more opportunities for advancement, which can be affirmed by others or their superiors.

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