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Luang Pu Toh Intasuvanothera (PhraRachasangwaraphimon), Wat Praduchimplee

Luang Pu Toh Intasuvanothera (PhraRachasangwaraphimon), Wat Praduchimplee

PhraRachasangwarapimol (Luang Pu Toh) was a native of Samut Songkhram province. His hometown was located near Khlong Bang Noi, Bang Khonthi District, Samut Songkhram Province. He was born on Tuesday, March 27, 1887 (B.E. 2430)

There were two brothers and sisters with same parents. He was the eldest. His character was prudent. He preferred to follow his parents to the temple regularly. Many times, he went to the temple alone for listening the chanting of monks until he can recite the chants precisely. When he was young, he studied at Koh Kaew Temple. His parents died, when he was at 13 years old. After that, LuangTa Kaew Mong, who was his relative, brought him to the Luang Phor Suk (Abbot of Wat Praduchimplee). He stayed at Wat Praduchimplee until age 17 years old then, he was ordained as a novice over there.

When he was a novice, he was diligent in his studies of Dharma. He can recite the various sutras precisely and interested in meditating on a regular basis. He was quiet person and be always practicing meditation in various bodily movements both sit and walk meditation in the ordination hall alone.

At the age of 20, he ordained as a monk on Tuesday, July 16, 1907 (B.E.2540), was nominated as “Inthasuwanno”. During ordination period, he was determined to follow the Buddhist principles strictly. Later, Luang Ta Kam, the abbot of Wat Praduchimplee left the Buddhist monkhood, he performed duties as the abbot of Wat Praduchimplee instead while he was only 26 years old. However, he still persevered in studying Dhamma until he was able to take the Dhamma scholar third level examination in 1912 (B.E.2455). He was interested in magic enchantment and studied with senior famous monks e.g. LP Ieam, Wat Nang, Luang Phor Rung, Tha Krabue Temple, where he received academic writing on the talisman Tri Ni Sing hae from Luang Phor Rung. He also traveled to study magic from Luang Phor Nhong, Khlong Madan Temple, Suphanburi province. At the end of the Buddhist Lent in every year, Luang Pu Toh would have walked and hiked to please the villagers in the northern forests. He also went on a hike in the southern and many other places in Thailand. Luang Pu Toh was ordained as a monk and remained in the monkhood until he was 94 years old.

The famous sacred object of Luang Pu Toh, Wat Praduchimplee was Phra Pidta, which had been created for many occasions, such as Phra Pidta Jumbo 1, created in 1977 (B.E.2520), Phra Pidta million money, created in 1978 (B.E.2521), Phra Pidta Jumbo 2, created in 1978-1980 (B.E.2521-2523), Phra Pidta get off debt was created in 1978 (B.E.2521), etc. In addition, there were creating of Phra Kring Luangpu Toh (ringing amulet), medal amulet shaped like Luang Pu Toh in various moulds. Each of mould was popular both Thais and foreigners.

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