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MeedMor (Sacred Knife)

MeedMor (Sacred Knife)

Meed Mor is a sacred knife that has spiritual values within. In order for a properly sanctified MeedMor to bring great benefits to the owner, it must be turned "Saksit" by constant contact with its owner. A Meed Mor is best protected with its blade inside the sheath cover rather than leaving it exposed. When not in use simply keep it at the house's altar or a high cabinet. Only to withdraw the knife blade when you need to use it. Having deep faith and high respect is essential to keeping the knife instilled with its sacred qualities.

Carrying a Meed Mor around is never practical for city dwellers in this aspect . Unlike the olden days back in the 50s or 60s when Meed Moh is highly popular as a self-protection talisman due to many thuggery and gangs looming around. As a matter of fact, LP Doem started making Meed Mor in the 1930s before World War 2 for the purpose in warding off evil spirits, destroying all kinds of black magics, making powerful holy water, healing diseases, and for invulnerability "Kongkrapan Chatri" in conquering over enemies. All conventional Meed Mor irregardless made by LP Doem or later masters play the role as medic knife as well as used to protect the owner and conquer all enemies and obstacles. Hence, there is a vast difference between a Meed Mor and a Swiss army pocket knife if
you may wonder.

Yantra scripts are beautifully inscribed by the maker onto every blade of the Meed Mor depending on the application and usage intended. A pocket Swiss army knife can be a very useful tool. But a Meed Mor is a sacred knife that is specifically designed to give the owner's protection in the spiritual world.
Among the known protective qualities of Meed Mor are;

1. Protection against the the influences of other powerful talismans

2. Protection against accidents and warning of any mishaps and ill fortunes in advance

3. Protection against burglary and if kept at home on the altar

4. Protection against wild animals (act like a defensive shield) and curing poisonous bites.

5. Protection against evil spirits by encircling the blade onto the ground

6. Making holy water by dipping the tip of the blade into a bowl of water

7. Curing food poisoning due to unsanitary food.

8. Repel bad luck and mishap.

9. Instilling Maha Amnaj (authoritative power) which enhance leadership with Metta.

10. Transforming bad Chi energy flow in a house with good vibes

There above usage and application is common whereas some properly blessed Meed Mor could perform 108 tasks. For invulnerability against sharp weapons and guns it is said that the Meed Mor blades must be mixed with "Lek Namphi" a kind of powerful material from the "Lek Lai" family. Therefore, it is a good practice to inquire more information about the Meed Mor before deciding to bring one or several home. Proper guidance is essential e.g. knowing the Katha verses to be used when making holy water, etc. Again a Meed Mor will never become "Saksit" or powerful to perform its intended abilities if it's left alone and not being used often. Never test the efficacy of a Meed Mor unless it is necessary in a dangerous situation.

The use of such powerful medic knife or Meed Mor to overcome obstructions may have its limitation in a city life. The question is where else can your Meed Mor be applied for use to serve as a protective element apart from looking after the house as it's not convenient to carry around under normal circumstance. The answer may be simple and yet most of us often overlook and never thought deeply about it yet. Perhaps one of the most practical approach to apply the use of Meed Mor is to bring along during travel to unfamiliar places such as forested areas or doing outdoor adventures e.g. jungle trekking, camping. The main reason why someone choose to carry a Meed Mor (instead of other talisman) is to basically ward off backstabbers in the work environment. Backstabbers are very common in our daily work life whether you like it or not.

Meed Mor today is commonly used as a guardian protector knife which is good for the householder to fend off unwelcome intruders or other inauspicious astrological signs. From a small toothpick size that is easily obscured from prying eyes, a Meed Mor can be as big as a cleaver that is meant for placing
inside the home. Friends or visitors will be amazed by such a big "decorative" Meed Mor knife. Only those who could understand this Thai mythological knife which has spiritual values will know its protective qualities behind and not a decorative memorabilia.

Known prominent masters highly respected for their skills and ability in making efficacious Meed Mor are listed here for reference only. It is not the intention here to establish which master is better than the other.

1. Luang Phor Doem, Wat Nong Pho

2. Luang Phor Noi, Wat Nong Pho

3. Luang Phor Kant, Wat Khao Kaew

4. Luang Phor Joy, Wat Sri Umporn

5. Luang Phor Kuay, Wat Kositaram

6. Luang Phor Pian, Wat Kren Kratin

7. Luang Phor Pern, Wat Bang Phra

8. Luang Pu Hong, Wat Petchburi

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