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NangKwak (The Goddess of Wealth)

NangKwak (The Goddess of Wealth)

NangKwak :The Goddess of Wealth

Nang Kwak is a spirit or household divinity of Thai folklore. She brings prosperity. The Thai Legend of Nang Kwak is highly revered as the Goddess of Wealth or Patron Saint of all Merchants. Nang Kwak is one of the best known legend in Thailand that dates back before Buddhism even reach Thailand. The hand of the charming Nang Kwak sometimes dubbed “Miss Inviting” is held up in beckoning gesture to call upon luck, fortune and wealth to come to the worshipper or merchant.

The present iconographic figure of Nang Kwak evolved from Mae Po Sop, the Siamese rice goddess. The only difference is that she is not wearing the harvested rice sheaf on her right shoulder. The iconography of these goddesses is based in the Hindu goddess Sri Lakshmi, but their true origins are local and more ancient.

This spirit is supposed to bring wealth to the household and is particularly popular with shopkeepers. The spirit is dressed in traditional Thai costume. Her right hand is raised in the Thai way of beckoning a customer, with the palm of the hand pointing downwards. Her left hand is resting on her side or holds a bag full of gold on her lap. She is either beckoning customers to come into the store or asking for wealth to come her way with her posture. She also wears a golden crown on her head and is in the sitting or kneeling position.

There are many ways where one can obtain the assistance from Nang Kwak for charming attraction, love or good sales. However, the most conventional approach to worship Nang Kwak is to seek business success and good customer support from a general perspective.

Nang Kwak According to Thai Folklore

According to the history of the Lord Buddha’s disciples, during the Buddha’s time some 2550 years ago there was a merchant family living in Mitchika City not far from Sawadhi province. They were merchants who sold small amounts of wares at the markets, only earning just enough to maintain their small family from day to day. The couple, Sujidtaprahma and his wife Sumanta have a daughter named “Supawadee”.

One day the merchant had decided to expand the business and Sujidtaprahma bought a new gwian (cart) to bring wares to other regions to sell. Sometimes, his daughter would accompany him. During one of the business trip, Supawadee met “Phra Kassapa Therachao” an enlightened monk who gave her religious sermons. Supawadee listened to the teachings carefully. The monk used the power of enlightenment to bless her and her family. She received blessings every time she met him and listened to his teachings.

On another business trip, she met with “Phra Siwalee Therachao” or Phra Sivali, also an enlightened monk, who taught her more about Buddhism. Hence, we can conclude that Phra Sivali and Supawadee whom later became known as Nang Kwak are legendary figures as Buddhists today pay obeisance to them for career and business success.

Phra Siwaleetherachao had a marvellous life; he was in his mother’s womb for 7 years and 7 months. Then, he was born with luck and transcendent virtues in his life as human. That was why he always had good luck when in need. Phra Siwaleetherachao would always bless Supawadee and her parents whenever they met.

Endowed with these auspicious blessings, whenever Supawadee accompanied her father on his trips, he was able to sell all his goods in a very short time. The family became very wealthy because of Supawadee. Her father was also a kind and generous man and together they were much loved by all the people they met on their travels.

With her mind blessed by the two enlightened monks she was able to support her father’s business so much that her father never lost. Her father realized that Supawadee was a real virtue and brought good luck to the family. So much so that they became extremely became wealthy as a result.

After becoming a millionaire, Supawadee’s father listened to religious teachings and practiced meditation with faith. He also donated his assets that he had earned from his daughter’s virtue to sustain Buddhism. For example he established a park with accommodation for traveling monks, he established a pantheon for a temple, giving money to monks. When he made business trips, he always asked Bhikkus and Bhikkunis, and people from other religions if they wanted to go to the same destination as him. Occasionally, he provided vehicles for those people.

After her parents had passed away, Supawadee continued the business earning with much love and devotion from people all around. Eventually Supawadee also passed away but not before some people had discovered that if they pray to Supawadee, their business transactions will be more successful than before. Images were made of Supawadee after her death and offerings made to the young girl who is now believed to be a saint.

Supawadee’s reputation and her virtue were recognized and became well-known as the origin of wealth, good luck in business. After her death, her good fortune and luck in business was told from generation to generation, and so was born the legend of Nang Kwak.

The legend of Supawadee spread to Thailand at the time Buddhism and the Hindu Brahmin faith were spreading into Siam as Thailand was then called. The Brahmins brought with them statues of Supawadee in the form of a young girl sitting on a cart. Thai people noticed that the Bhramins appeared to be more successful in business and quickly adopted Supawadee for their own, changing the name to Nang Kwak. They also changed the form of the statues into that of a lady sitting with her right hand raised and beckoning (to customers). In Thai “Nang” = lady and “Kwak” = to wave and beckon. Today in Thailand, almost every shop or other place of business will have a statue of Nang Kwak and offerings of incense sticks, flowers, soft drinks, water and sweets will be made.

If you would like to improve your finances and increase sales then Nang Kwak will be always there to offer assistance. Pay due reverence to the Goddess of Wealth and repeat the following Kathamantra. Your generosity and good deeds in making merit will be rewarded.

One should use 5 incense sticks and offer flowers, red syrup drink (sala flavour known as“namdaeng” in Thai) or alternatively Fanta bottled drink include Red color lipstick, water, flowers, sweets,fruitsand rice as offerings to Nang Kwak. Please be deligent in changing the water drinks and food offerings every morning when you open your shop for business. When you show your pampering devotion and love, she will return a favor by bestowing upon good sales and fortune to you.

Credit: “Nang Kwak” The Goddess of Wealth

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