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Phra Kampang Soomkor - Pim Yai with Lineal Decorative


SKU : KSK1102

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Creator / Era:  Phra Maha Dhammaracha Lithai (5th King of Sukhothai Royal Family)
Blessed by: Hermits with high level of psychic power.
Year / Age: B.E. 1900  ( A.D.1357 ) ~ 650 -700years.
Temple / Repository Site (Gru): Gru Thungsetti, Kampangpetch Province.
Materials: Holy soil, 108 herbals and pollen, psyhic mineral.
Content Texture: Baked Clay
Size: 2.0x2.6 cms
Amulet Effects: Outstanding in good fortune, lucky and  wealth as stated “If you possessed Phra Soomkor, you would never become poor”, increasing charms and loving-kindness, preventing accident and promoting safety, enhancing prosperity and success.

Phra Soomkor is considered to be the top Buddhist amulet of Kampangpetch province and it is the most outstanding in term of artistic work as well as high level of spiritual values. It is one of Phra Benjapakee which is the most popular Buddhist amulet in Thailand.

Phra Soomkor was created more than 650 years ago in the era of King Phra Maha Dhammarachalithai (The 5th King of Sukhothai Royal Family) The King let hermits with high level of psychic power, conduct incantation ceremony on these Buddhist amulets.

The ingredients of Phra Soomkor consisted of soils mixed with bulb plants and flower pollens. Phra Soomkor had characteristic of Sukhothai art and contained the picture of Buddha doing meditation through sitting on lotus base. There were Thai design lines surrounding the Buddha. The edge of this Buddhist amulet was curvy like Thai letter “Kor” Thus, it was called “Phra Soomkor”

Through digging, Phra Soomkor were found at various places such as Wat Phra Borommathad, Wat Pikul, Wat Lersi and millionaire field. Phra Soomkor were made in many molds but only 4 which were up to the standard and gained popularity recommended.
1) Big Mold with Thai Design Lines : mostly in brown color
2) Big Mold without Thai Design Lines: mostly in black color.
3) Middle Mold : in brown color.
4) Chinese Cake Mold : in brown color.

Material of Phra Soomkor was of fine nature. Thus, when using of cotton or cloth to rub its surface, it become shiny. Other outstanding characteristics pertained to red dots called “Wahn Dok Makham” and black slough called “ Ra Rak” appearing on its surface. This black slough occurred naturally several hundred year ago it attached permanently on the surface, which can not be erased through cleaning. As for the fake Phra Soomkor, its black slough can be easily removed by just using cotton soaked with water to rub its surface.

Phra Soomkor possessed spiritual values as follow: increasing charms and loving-kindness, preventing/missing accident and promoting safety. Apart from these, Phra Soomkor also had another special  spiritual value with respect ot enhancing prosperity and luck so much so that there were saying since ancient times “If you possessed Phra Soomkor, you would never become poor”

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