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Phra LP Boon Pim LeeLaNangTaLung - Palm leaves powder mixed leklaipraidum (metal charm) - magnetic attraction


SKU : LBK10103



Creator/Temple: LuangPu Boon, Wat KlangBangKaew
Period: Rattanakosin in the reign of King Rama V-VII
Year Created: B.E. 2429 – 2478 (A.D.1886-1935)
Region of Origin: Wat KlangBangKaew, NakornPhatom, Central of Thailand.
Dimension: 2.0*5.7 cm.
Miraculous Effects: Free from all harms, longevity of life, good fortune, bring loving kindness, turning misfortune into good luck, healing of patients with various illness.
Value: Price includes silver case.  
Style: Phra LeeLaNangTaLung is unique beautifully arts designed by LuangPu Boon with delicate posture of Buddha by step walking to left hand side and raised left hand up at the level of chest like posture of NangTaLung (shadow puppet) which was source of the mould.
Age: Over 100 years.
Materials: Sacred clay, ground burnt sacred leaves powder and herbs.
Condition: Excellent, old, rare and unused.
Characteristics: Fine-grained texture, high concentration of sacred clay and ground burnt sacred leaves powder. On backside got talisman spell (Jarn Yant) written by LuangPu Boon originally.
Color: Black.


LP Boon was born on 3rd July B.E. 2391 at Nakornchaisri District, Nakornpathom Province. While he was child, he got seriously ill to the extent of stop breathing. His relative though that he was dead and wanted to burry him. Miraculously, he recovered and later his parents named him “BOON” means virtue, good deeds, wholesomeness.
LP Boon was ordained as a novice at the age of 13. He began to study and practice incantation from Phra Palad Thong of Wat Khongkaram and Phra Palad Parn of Wat Tukta. He later had successfully completed the subject “Mahajindamanee Montrakom” Even the Patriarch Pear of Wat Suthat who was LP Boon’s close friend, had to often learn about incantation from LP Boon at Wat Klangbangkaew.
Buddhist amulets made by LP Boon are many classes. The top 5 popular amulets as below:
1) Chao-sua Coin: it was made since B.E. 2478 and most expensive of LP Boon’s Buddhist amulet and considered to be one of the top five coin in Thaland. The coins made of silver and copper. Spiritual values are noted to specially enhance prosperity through business dealings. As a result, Chao sua coin are the most sought after among millionaire collectors.
2) Buddhist amulets made of Phongya Jindamanee or medicine herb powder which was difficult to make and had to undergo incantation performed by LP Boon. The special feature of Phongya Jindamanee Powder had to do with the effective healing of patients with various illness. After the patients were treated with Phongya Jindamanee, they recovered miraculously. There were many Buddhist amulet molds made from Jindamanee powder such as: Sean Loan Sadung Klub, Leela Nang Talung Mold, Soom Rakhang, Soom Khong, Soom Leam, Soom Ratanatri, Soom Rassamee and etc. These Buddhist amulets possess spiritual values of preventing one from certain illness, promoting good health, increasing charms and loving-kindness and enhance prosperity through business dealings.
3) Buddhist amulets made of Soil/ baked clay material. These Buddhist amulets have special features in the forms of their mold design in beautifully arts and meaningful such as Sean Loan Sadung Klub which was design in the opposite side to Maravichai posture which means turning bad things or misfortune to good luck.
4) Phra Chaiwat B.E. 2444 have many molds such as Pim Ror Sor 118, Pim Chalude, Kor Nork, Pim Tor, Pom Yai and Pom Lek. Their outstanding spiritual values have to do with charms and loving kindness, escaping from danger and enhancing safety and making sacred holy water for treating illness.
5) Biagae is special talisman of Wat Klangbangkaew and its spiritual value has to do with protection from all harms, dangers and black magics.

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