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Some kind of talisman made of gastropod contains some Mercury inside cover with crochet knitting. Able to protect from evil spirit and black magic include some kind of diseases.
The greatest fivefold small Buddha images-Phra Somdej Wat Rakhang, Phra Rod Wat Mahawan, Phra Phong Suphan, Phra SoomKor Kampangpetch and Phra Nang Phaya, Pitsanulok.

God of creation in Hindu belief he is the father of Manu, and from manu all human beings are descended Brahma is traditionally depicted with four heads, four faces and eight arms.
The great Guardian of Nakhonsrithammaraj great Stupa. Some scholars believe that Chatukham is Deva Bodhisattva who protects the righteous.
Din Pao
Baked Clay
A large mythical bird or bird-like creature that appear in both Hindu and Buddhist
One of the best-known and most widely worshipped deities in the Hindu pantheon. His image is found throughout India and Nepal Hindu sects worship him regardless of affiliations. Ganesha’s elephant head makes him easy to identify. Ganesha is widely revered as Lord of Beginnings and the remover of obstacles, the patron of arts and sciences and the deva of intellect and wisdom.
Kwan Yin or Avalokitasavara
A bodhisattva who embodies the compassion of all Buddhas. Portrayed in different cultures as either male or female, Kwan Yinis one of the more widely revered Bodhisattvas in mainstream Mahayana Buddhism. The Chinese name for Avalokitesvara is Guanshiiyin Puusaa which is a translation of the earlier name “Avalokitasvara Bodhisattva”.

Gumarn Thong   
Golden baby is spirit of child dwelling in the child statue which able to bring luck.
Look Aom
A round amulet held in the mouth.

Look Sagod
A round amulet is used for self-protection and it has magical powers that able to protect.
Mae Bhosob
A goddess of rice, A beautiful woman wearing full jewelry and a red dress. She is in the sitting or standing position holding a harvested rice sheaf on her right shoulder.

Phra MaHaeSuan
Subduing mara Buddha image: up-side-down on the other side.
Mak Tui
Areca nut contained a paper with mantra writing inside and covered with crochet knitting and primed with black lacquer.
Meed Mor or sorcerer’s magic knife:
A sacred knife which able to protect worshiper from harm, black magic, ghost and bad luck.
MungKon or Chinese dragon:
A legendary creature in Chinese mythology and folklore. In Chinese art, dragon are typically portrayed as long, scaled, serpentine creatures with four legs.
Nang Kwak
A woman statue beckoning happy lot in.

The sacred metal made from nine elements.

Ngob Nam Ooy
Ten Buddhas dwelling in round-shape which refer to the Ten Perfections (Tassa Paramee)
Talisman in the penis shape: A small wooden or metal image of penis.

Pah Yant
An inscribed ancient paper with madala or mantra for protecting the worshipper.
Sacred powde made of a bone of a child who dide while in the womb. Laung Pu Tim Wat Laharnrai is famous for it.

Pim ProkPoh
Samadhi Buddha; sitting on three step throne underneath the Bodhi tree in the rectangular shape.
Pong Bai Lan Pao
Baked clay, mixed with some special botanic and cinder of burning sacred Buddhist manuscripts.

Pong Wiset
The five sacred power; Pathamung, ldhajae, Trinisinghe, Maharaja and Buddakhun.

Phong Ya Jindamanee
Made of special babs mixed with boney and sacred powder.
Phra Buddha Batra
Buddha's foot print an imprint of Gautama Buddha's one or both feet. There are two forms: natural, as found in stone or rock, and those made artificially. Many of the "natural" ones, of course, are acknowledged not to be actual footprints of the Buddha, but replicas or representations of them, which can be considered cetiya (Buddhist relics) and also an early aniconic and symbolic representation of the Buddha.
Phra Buddha Chinnaraj Indojeen
The Buddha images created by Buddhist Association of Thailand; for giving to the soldiers who has been in the Indo-China War.
Phra Chaiwat
Small Smadhi Buddha (The Lord Buddha dwelling in the transcendental meditation) image, sitting on the blooming lotus.

Phra Gajayana
One of the great disciples of Sakayamuni Buddha, specialist in preaching detailed.
Phra Hu-Yan
Subduing Mara Buddha image on the blooming lotus (Agsopaya Buddha in Mahayana belief)

Phra Khun Paen
Subduing Mara Buddha's image in the arch.

Phra Kleeb Bua
The Buddha image in the petal of the lotus blossom shape.
Phra Konsamor
A kind of Buddha images which has created in Ayuddha period.

Phra Kring
The small Buddha image sitting on the blooming lous, looking at all creatures with merciful Casting by old method and fill the metal ringingl inside the bottom
Phra Kring Klong Ta Kian
Subduing Mara Buddha image sitting on the throne beneath the Bodhi tree and the mantra writing on the back. Same as Phra Kong Lampoon but able to make voice by ringing.

Phra Gru
Buddha images which have been recovered from ancient caches or inside ancient pagodas.
Phra Leela
Walking, setting out to preach Buddha image.

Phra Luang Phor Pan Wat Bang Nom Ko
The image of the Lord Buddha; sitting on the blooming lotus and the animal beneath and on the uppermost, there is the sacred powder inside.
Phra Nang Phaya
Subduing Mara Buddha image, sitting in the triangle shape.

Phra Pichit
Small Samadhi Buddha image in the oval shape, its side is only a half centimeter Phra Pichit is famous for it invulnerability.

Phra Pai Ree Pi Nas
Which name means the annihilation of the enemies, to belive that Pra Pai Ree Pi Nas is the Buddha in Mahayana Buddhism called Ratanasambhava Buddha, and the some inscribe on the back: Pai Ree Pi Nas.
Phra Pidta
The Buddha image in the posture of covering the eyes.
Phra Pim
Typically refers to two or three dimensional stone, wood, clay, or metal cast images of the Buddha. While there are sch figres in alll regions where Buddhism is commonly practiced, the appearance, composition and position of the images vary greatly from country to country.
Phra Pong Kong Kwan Wat Pak Nam
Giving blessing Buddha image with an aureole around the body inside the square .shape and the mantra written (Samma-arahang) on the back.
Phra Prathan
A principle Buddha image in a temple.

Phra Sangkaraja
The Supreme Patriarch of Thailand or the head of the order of Buddhist monks in Thailand.

Phra Sivalee
One of the great disciples of Sakayamuni Buddha, specialist in beckoning prosperities.

Phra Somdej
Samadhi Buddha image (The Buddha stayed in transcendental meditation), sitting on the throne in the rectangular shape.
Phra Phong Supan
Subduing Mara Buddha image in the triangle shape with the finger print on the back side, found at Phra Prang Wat Phra Srirattanamahathat (The great pagoda) of Suphanburi.

Phra Prok Bai MaKham
The Buddha image sitting beneath the seven-headed Naka (the greatest serpent in the ancient belief)

Phra Ruang
Standing and giving blessing Buddha with an aureole around the body some scholars believe that Phra Ruang is an image of the Buddha in mahayana belief called Viro-chana Buddha.

Phra Rod
Subduing Mara Buddha image sitting beneat the Bodhi tree Din Pao (baked clay) mixed with some special botanic.

Phra Siam Devathiraj
The great Deva who protects the kingdom of Siam (Thailand) in Buddhist belief
Phra Somdej Jit Lada
The Samadhi Buddha, sitting on the blooming lotus with gold painted on its back with the might of the rightcousness of His Majestry The King and his faith in Buddhism, to believe that Phra Somdej Jit Lada able to bring prosperity to the ower.
Phra SoomKor
A kind of Buddha images which has created in Sukhothai period. Samadhi Buddha image with an aureole around his body. Radiating with charm harm proof and bring good fortune.
Phra That
A great structure containing Buddhist relics, typically the ashes of Buddhist monks
Phaya Nak
A great serpent dwelling at an under-water city.

Praya Yom or God of Death
He was considered to have been the first mortal who died and espied the way to the celestial abodes, thus in virtue of precedence he became the ruler of the departed. In some passages, howeve, he is already regarded as the god of death.
Phra YodTong
A small Buddha's image which has been enshrined on the top of a rod of the flag of victory.

Luang Phu Thuad
The ancient sacred monk, who has lived since Ayudhaya period and protect from all evil spirits.
Rae Bang Pai
Special element called Rae Bang Pai which has found at Bang Pai area especially for obturative power.

Rahu Aom Jun
The giant who cause eclipse of the moon this amulet is made of coconut shell with the sacred word inscribed on the back.
Stamped coin of sacred Buddha image or sacred Buddhist priest.

Rian Lor
Casting by ancient technology.

Rian Phra Buddha
Stamped coin of the holy Buddha image.

Rian Song Panuad
Memorial coin: on the occasion of His Majesty The King went into priesthood. The King when he went into priesthood on the front of the coin with the royal monogram and the golden pagoda on the back.
Sai Sin
The holy thread which has recited incantation by sacred Buddhist priests.
The most powerful animal in the forest in ancient folk tales.
Tai Hong Kong
The sacred monk in Mahayana Buddhism who dedicated his life for helping others
A kind of talismans, made of piece of metal, such as copper, silver or gold with madala inscribed and rolling by hands.

Phaya Tao Ruean
The sacred Turtle previous life of Sakayamuni Buddha bring prosperity include able to protect from all dangers.

A candle.
Tao Vessuwan
One of the four greatest Guardians in Buddhist belief. Tao Vessuwan is the Guardian of the Northern Quarter, a beneficent god who protects the righteous.
A broad class of nature - sprits, usually benevolent, who are caretakers of the natural treasures hidden in the earth and tree roots.
Yantra or mystic symbol
A geometrical contrivance by which any aspect of the Supreme Principle may be bound to any spot for the purpose of worship. It is an artifice in which the ground Is converted into the extent of the manifest universe. Yantra is used for self-protection and it has magical powers that warding off eveil and hardship

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